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You can’t keep blaming yourself for someone’s inability to be the type of mate you deserve.

Let it go! Don’t be so hard on yourself for choosing someone incapable of appreciating you. You are the bag, someone better will find you and bring everything you need to the table. Mistakes are a part of learning but when you recover you’ll know what you like and dislike.

This increase of self worth and preference can be put into a southern saying “When you know better, you do better.” And if you make the same mistake twice just know it’s a bad habit, but guess what? Bad habits can be broken.

If they failed you due to your high expectations don’t start settling or lower your standards. This is a small hurdle that you will overcome and add to your relationship resume. This will build character and a foundation to self-worth. When you are aware of your own value you become unbreakable.

Emotional Affirmation: True love will come to you, you won’t have to force it or be in distress in order to have it.

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