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Motivation of the day- Happiness; a deeper dive into what keeps us going.

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Attaching temporary joy on potential outcomes of the future will not make you happy, just more of a pessimist. Stamping your happiness on a goal will make you less present and more worrisome.

Saying things like “once I move, I’ll be happy,”or “when I get that job, I’ll be more happy,” just puts an expiration date on our dreams. Your expectations turn into fantasy and your ability to bounce back after disappointment may turn into depression. This setup is toxic to the mind, and makes it easier to self-loath.

Happiness is not something that comes to you. It is a decision you make internally. You can train you mind to be happier through affirmation, positivity, and living in the present. Only thing that can affect that is what you allow. Words and actions can negatively affect you, but pulling yourself out and applying those three factors will make it better. Dwelling on hardships won’t make your situation better.

Embrace those struggles, they teach you a greater lesson that applies to your journey. Learn to ask what is this teaching me rather than why is this happening to me. And trust me, no experience goes wasted. Anything that rises in life is providing you the tools to grow yourself. Stop being attached to the result! Enjoy your process. Your journey to happiness starts when you focus on the present and move to your potential by preparing and being persistent. Time moves fast, don’t waste it dwelling on the what if’s and when I’s, live in the now.

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