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As long as you compare yourself to others you will never be happy.

Social media makes it easier to idolize those in the same field as you, but that is toxic to one's self esteem. Stop tracking your personal progress to those living their moments. God made a plan customized for you and you only. No one can go through your journey, and everyone’s journey is not the same. Comparison kills creativity, and mimicking their steps won’t get you to the goal fast, it’ll hinder it.

Also, just because it worked for them does not mean it will work for you. Everyone goes through life differently and that does not mean you are doing something wrong because you aren’t as successful as them. Success can be defined in different ways, but this generation compares it to the amount of money and exposure you have. People decide what they want to show you, you’ll never see the blood, sweat, and tears they faced but you’d see the ending result they post.

Focus on yourself. Take a breather, and embrace the imperfections. Be aware of all the social media comparisons but do not allow those to dictate your view on your situation. Use those social media posts as motivation. Be thankful for what you have and be appreciative of how far you’ve come. Don’t knock people down to build yourself up, instead help others along the way, this builds leadership and connection. When you focus on being your best self, and putting your energy into your work, you’ll flourish into your path.

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