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Expressing Gratitude: Self care exercises

Mental health is at an all time low in this generation. It’s hard to have confidence in a world full of judgement through social media, unrealistic beauty standards, and self-hate. Many people don’t take self care seriously and are at a constant battle with themselves. I have some exercises that will help you turn your life around with a new attitude.

  1. Writing: A good way to praise yourself and your talents are to write them down. When you write things down, you’ll remember them. Taking five minutes a day to write down what you are thankful for will shift your focus to a positive mindset. This mini step will rewire your lifestyle to be grateful and stop complaining about minor things.

  2. Giving Back: Using your resources to improve someone else’s life makes you feel better. This exercise allows you to be the teacher and guide someone on things you know. When you teach, you learn new things about yourself.

  3. Mirror: As a confidence booster, compliment yourself daily with affirmations like “ I will get that job, I will finish that project, I will be a good mother, I will pass that test”. Speak your plans into the universe, the power of the tongue is powerful. Once you say it, you’ll believe it, and manifest it.

  4. Meditation: Taking a few minutes to clear your mind of all the hectic drama in your life will improve your health tremendously. This technique will make you more contempt and less reactive to major issues you’d usually stress about. Even if it’s sitting still for 10 minutes a day clearing your mind, it will be impactful.

  5. Positive “I am”: Constantly telling yourself, “I am amazing” goes along way. Everyone’s positive reassurance is different, and repeating that after a negative thought makes you feel better. Instead of “ I am so sleepy” say “ I get another day to be great.”

Rome was not built in a day, and these steps take discipline. Take it one day at a time.

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