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Make People Pay For Your Time

You spend time perfecting your gift, talking to friends, and procrastinating. The saying ”we have the same 24hrs to get things done and what you do with yours is your business” That time you’re giving is precious and should go towards improving yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. It is key to determine which factors to avoid on a daily so you won’t get distracted along your journey either.

Ask yourself, is this getting me closer to the place, person, and goal I set for myself before engaging in that particular activity. Unnecessary actions hinder the precious minutes humans are given on a daily, and should be treated as such. Never allow someone to play with one thing, your time. Unlike money, it is something that you can never get back. So spend it carefully, and ensure the energy you’re putting out is your best.

Be aware of different people in the room. The talker, the gossiper, all about the benjamins, business men/women, and spiritual influencer. These are people you encounter on a daily, and are all worth the time, they teach you who to avoid, and who to engage with.

The gossiper is someone who knows everyone’s business, and probably talks about you behind your back.They are not worth your time. All about the benjamins is the investor friend that you can always talk about where your money should go, stocks and bonds. This is definitely someone you want on your team, you may have to pay them for their time though, they’re always business. The businessman/woman helps you get people together behind the scenes. Want to be a rapper? They know a good producer, and studio. Want to be a blogger? They know who can make your website, and can design your logo. The spiritual influencer is who you talk to when you’re stressed out, and overwhelmed, they make time for you, and are your number #1 supporter for mental health.

Time is a scarce resource, use it with people that can get you ahead. Don’t waste it gossiping or defaming someone's character. Use time to perfect your gift.

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