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Unlabelled Awards highlights the unlabeled during NYFW

New York City is known to be the home of some of the most profound leaders in the entertainment industry. They’re often not celebrated as much as they should be, but of course the black community STAN to support other black men and women in the industry as they are sometimes never awarded on their accomplishments.

The Unlabelled awards has highlighted some of the industry’s most elite players such as celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez, Cardi B’s Publicist Patience Foster, Love and Hip-Hop creator Mona Scott and more. Writer and actor Chuck Nice hosted the evening with an engaging conversation and of course sentimental words for the guests of the hour.

After speaking with the honorees many of them felt timid to the fact that the spotlight will be on them. While always focusing on production and directing this new found fame put pressure on their presence. Nonetheless, they’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

(Photo: Producer Ernest Dukes)

We are proud to be apart of something so innovative and we cannot wait to be apart of the event again next year.

(Photo: Photographer Johnny Nunez)

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