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Anything important requires your full attention.

MYTH BUSTER ALERT: Multitasking? Is not a thing. Constantly task switching takes your attention from mastering the task at hand and half-doing it. The phrase: Jack of all trades, master of none. Is horrible.

Who want someone who is not proficient in multiple areas? No one. I rather be a master of all the work I have my name on, because that makes you more valuable to the company.

Once they see that you are skilled at multiple things that apply to the position your demand will go up. Oprah Winfrey once said “The most precious thing we can give ourself is time, time to be more fully present,” and that applies with mastering a skill.

Allowing yourself to take your time to learn something versus, juggling multiple things for bragging rights allow you to build your personal brand. Constantly being all over the place, and never having time for yourself causing you to be less consistent, and procrastinate more.

Be more present with learning the things that will get you to your goal now. Take your time, and master it. Don’t compare what you know to others, what they learned on their journey is for them. Embrace the struggle and imperfections that come from not knowing how to do something and overcome it.

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