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MOTD: Learn to take the gems out of every hardship

Every experience through life has a hidden agenda. Some are lessons to unlock your potential, some are signs to leave a bad situation alone. Either way hardship builds you. They make you wiser and more resilient. When you go through a hardship you can let it define you or use it as power. If you keep getting denied for a job, the gem in that may be to find your passion, or approach the position differently. Life is a deck of cards, and you have been provided with everything you will ever need to conquer it. It takes time and patience but that also comes with hardships.

Everything that happens to you is not always “Bad”,it’s your perspective on the situation with a mixture of desire and expectation that makes you view it as a hardship. In reality, it is the best thing that could have happened to you. I’m not trying to be cliche but being out of relationship just opened the door for something greater, and not getting that position increased your gratitude and work ethic. These are two issues that seem like the end of the world to millennials but they're really gems!

Every loss is a lesson and progress to the next great destination on your journey. And you cannot bring everyone on that journey, so yea you’ll lose friends (Who were really your friends) but you’ll find a group of people you need.

Things not going your way makes you more appreciative when it does happen, and you’ll finally see why you went through that hardship.

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