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MOTD: Accept The Now And Make A Choice, Even If You Don’t Like It

Your situation can be changed by the way you approach it. Having a negative outlook on your current situation will prolong your journey towards your goal. Life is filled with obstacles that change your mindset and when you embrace those, it makes life less stressful. You are given choices in every situation. You can either dwell on the past, or move on and accept the experience for what it was.

Remember, a comeback is not a reason to go back to the same methods, choices, and people that you were supposed to learn from. The worst thing you can do is recycle the experience and keep making the same mistake because you didn't change your outlook.

To fully embrace the process you have to first accept the now. When you accept the situation and the outcome you won’t dwell on it. Thus history won’t repeat itself. Then you make a choice, am I going to let this slow me down or will I use it for fuel?

Sometimes you won’t like your choices, but the hardest decisions have the brightest outcome. It’s better to make those tough decisions to break a bad habit then to dwell and repeat the cycle over.

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