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Music Review: Why should you listen to The Groove Gods?

New York has been known to breed only the best lyricist, but lately, we haven't seen too many of them top the charts, especially since trap music been taking over for the 99 and 00s.

Emerging, rap group "Groove Gods" displayed their new sound to a close group of family and friends during their private listening session.

Members, Cool Money, GrooveGod Ty, Fergie Baby, Yung Quando, Chefboy Lyte, and Ellz Gully brought their sound so; of course, I brought my opinions and notepad ready for judgment.

Harlem left the block and heard the sounds that they've been anticipating for quite some time. Some songs went harder than most but to fair it sound a lot better than whatever the radio is playing.

What I did like most were the different sounds they displayed on each song, not every song sounded the same. However, I felt a personal attack on Brooklyn girls in Groove God's Ty song, but I'll charge it to the game

If you have a full day to spare go ahead and listen to all 25 songs on all streaming platforms:

Groove God's Unite:

1) GGU Anthem - Cool Money

2) I been - Cool Money, Groove God Ty, Fergie Baby

3) In God's Hand - GrooveGod Ty

4) Bring the Dawgz Out - Chefboy Lytee

5) Execute - GrooveGod Ty

6) Well Damn - Yung Quando

7) Good P**** - Cool Money

8) Fall - Whispers

9) Milo (Get That) - Fergie Baby

10) Pimp in My Blood - Cool Money, Fergie Baby

11) Issa Body - GrooveGod Ty, Chefboy Lyte & Whispers

12) Lifestyle - Fergie Baby, Cool Money & GrooveGod Ty

13) Uptown's Back - Fergie Baby Feat. 27 Delly

14) Numb Freestyle - Ellz Gully

15) Get Rich - Cool Money & Chefboy Lytee

16) Scoundrevelli - Fergie Baby & GrooveGod Ty

17) Never Stop This - GrooveGod Ty & Fergie Baby

18) Soul Food Freestyle - GrooveGod Ty & Fergie Baby

19) Shaq - Yung Quando

20) Schizo - Chefboy Lytee

21) Dirty Kitchen - Fergie Baby & Cool Money

22)Never Fall - Fergie Baby

23) We Up - GrooveGod Ty

24) Cool Money Freestyle - Dilahh K & Fergie Baby

25) Blues- Fergie Baby

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