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Suge Knight Has Signed His Life Rights Over To Ray J

Former Death Row records CEO, Suge Knight has signed his life rights over to Ray J. Sure has a big problem trusting individuals and has expressed this many times. Ray J is expected to help secure deals for Sure while he is in prison.

Though Suge is currently serving a 28- year prison sentence for killing a 55- year old man during a hit and run accident. Just because knight is behind bars doesn’t mean he isn’t making money. Well, Ray J will secure all bags for him.

Now the real question is….Will Death Row records make a comeback?

Death Row records was a big asset to the 90’s. Artist like Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound and Tupac Shakur were signed to the record label. Apparently Ray J has a few people that are willing to invest and help build Death Row.

Stay Tuned!

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