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Can classical music help with studying ?

If you’re anything like me, you think about studying more than you actually study. You procrastinate by binging on Netflix and Hulu shows, texting and scrolling through Instagram. Then, when you’re finally ready to actually study, something comes up - someone calls, you get hungry (how ironic) or your mind just starts to drift towards a million other things you could be doing.

But what if I told you I can suggest something that may make studying less of a burden and more of a productive habit? It varies from individual to individual, but listening to classical music while you study may help you have a more productive session.

Research shows that listening to classical music can help reduce anxiety and raise dopamine levels; which in turn can help a person focus more on the material they’re studying.

Yes, I know - maybe you’re like me and you didn’t exactly grow up on Beethoven or Bach (they’re like the Tupac and Biggie of classical music) - but I think it’s worth a try to test it out.

One study done in France showed that students who listened to classical music in the background of a one hour lecture scored significantly higher on a quiz about the lecture when compared to students who had nothing playing in the background.

Researchers suspected that the music put students in a heightened emotional state, making them more receptive to the information.

All in all, although it may or may not work for you, I think it’s worth it to put on some Beethoven the next time you study. Personally, I have been listening to classical music in the background while I study for my real estate exam and it has really been helping. I feel more relaxed and I personally like having some type of noise in my background that is not too distracting but can drain out the thoughts in my head. Classical music does it for me!

Below is a playlist from YouTube I found that I’ve been playing in the background while I study.

If you do decide to try it out, let me know how it goes in the comments below! :)

Study Checklist

  • Snacks - almonds help with brain activity and blueberries help with memory, great snacks for studying.

  • Study partner - make sure this person is someone you enjoy being around, but not too much or else you won’t be able to focus. Sorry, best friends are off limits!

  • Highlighters, post its, pens, etc. - better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them! It may seem old school but highlighting text, writing on post its and underlining things can help you remember it more.

  • Music - last but not least, have a good playlist ready! This can be any genre from trap to r&b, hip hop to classical, as long as you focus on your studies more than the music, you’re golden!

Now go get that degree!

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