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Meet Stash Cash: The Harlem Rapper Bringing Positivity to The Rap Community

Started At A Young Age

Harlem rapper, Stash Cash started his beginnings in a boy band the “School Yard Boyz” where he was simply known as “Young Rob.” The "School Yard Boyz" performed at the Apollo, opened for the “New Boyz” and performed at a number of shows at schools. Their music was always positive and kid friendly. Though a performer, Stash always wanted to be in the back when it came to performances because he was not comfortable. He credits his experience in the boy band for making him comfortable enough to start performing on stage as a solo artist.

You’re probably wondering where the name Stash Cash came from and lets just say it was given to him. Since he was younger, his friends would always say he was frugal when it came to spending money. His friend then came up with the name “Stash Cash” because he was always stashing cash. When Stash first heard it he questioned the name, but eventually it stuck. Stash said, “when someone keeps calling you something it will automatically stick to you and stay like that.”

I asked Stash if there is someone who has influenced him, he took a deep sigh. He explained to me that he honestly doesn't look up to anyone. He has provided for himself since a young age. Stash has been so independent and mature that he never really took time to look up to anyone. Everything that he has done in his life was for himself. But then he later mentioned that his aunt has played a part in his transition from a boy to a man.

Vibe With Me

Stash is set to release his first project “Vibe With Me” on November 29, 2019. At first, I said it was an album but he explained that this is a project. This project is him being vulnerable, and telling his story of overcoming a relationship. Each song will paint a picture of all the stages he went through to get where he is today. The year 2017, influenced this project because it was a tough year for him. That year he went through a tough break-up and was learning how to deal with his emotions. The first song on his album “F*ck You” was the first song he recorded that brought this project to life.

This project helped Stash Cash learn about himself and grow as an artist. Music gave him the chance to talk about something that people can relate too. He knows that he isn't the only guy that has gone through a heartbreak. Stash said, females talk about heartbreak but you don't hear a lot of males talking about it unless he’s an R&B Singer. He wants everybody to know that he is not a singer, he is a rapper. The obstacles that Stash Cash has faced gave him a lane where he feels like people can appreciate and relate to his music. Most rappers talk about the streets, gang banging and selling drugs. While Stash Cash is all about positivity and growing as a person.

What do you want to know about Stash Cash?

He said he never really thought about what he would like people to know about him. Instead he just wanted people to listen to his music. Stash felt like he couldn't express himself in a certain way. He doesn't want people to focus on him, just listening to his music and relating too it.

Stayed Tuned for “Vibe With Me” dropping November 29!

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“It's not about me, it's about the music.”- Stash Cash

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