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Safety Tips To Remember While Riding Uber or Lyft

Today, Uber and Lyft are in high demand when it comes to ride sharing options. People no longer have to take public transportation, instead they can go straight to their mobile devices and order their sources of transportation.

It seems that Uber and Lyft have been deemed unsafe and there have been multiple concerns. If you search “Uber or Lyft Kidnapping” on Google you will find numerous drivers mugshots posted. There have been plenty of news stories about Uber and Lyft driver issues.

In 2018, Uber decided to start doing annual criminal background checks on US drivers. Before 2018 anyone could sign up and drive for Uber while Lyft has always conducted background checks that included driving and criminal records .

The real question is… Do you feel safe in Uber or Lyft?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before and while you are riding.

  • If the driver arrives and you do not feel comfortable cancel the ride.

  • Make sure the driver says your name and proves their identity before you enter the car.

  • Check for the correct license plate.

  • Share your trip details with a friend or family member.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and check the Uber or Lyft app to make sure the driver is taking you to your destination.

  • Sit in the back so you have multiple exits.

  • If see or hear something suspicious, call 911 immediately.

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