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We Need Proper Prospective On Kaepernick's Potential Return

Just hours before Colin Kaepernick works out and interviews for about 24 NFL teams. I think it’s important that we view this in proper perspective. Kap’s return to the league will be great to see, and honestly, it’s something that I didn’t think would happen. Let’s be real about this though, the NFL’s decision to coordinate this workout and any potential signings is a MUTUALLY beneficial decision for the league and whatever team decided to sign Kap.

The NFL’s viewership has taken a drop due to both the anthem protests and the pro Kaepernick protests. Since that time, the NFL has taken steps to satisfy both groups with their new National Anthem policy, signing Jay-Z to a partnership with the NFL (Remember when everyone was calling Jay a coon for this partnership? Look at the progress being made now) and it seems as this potential Kaepernick signing is the final Olive branch from the NFL. But is it really?

After speaking with a source in the league, here’s what I can confirm. Expect a large presence from the NFL. If you’re expecting Colin to come in and start...DONT. My source says teams are just “kicking the tires” on Kaepernick to see what he has. Also don’t expect to be blown away by the contract Kaepernick gets. Kap hasn’t been in the NFL since 2016 and teams are not going to invest a large amount of money in him yet. Kaepernick will probably get an NFL minimum contract that will be prorated over the last 6 weeks of the season, that will only equate to about $14,000. Sources are also saying that for Kap not to get signed his workout would have to be “A colossal failure”.

Lastly, Kaps potential signing my not only be an Olive branch to fans that are unhappy with the league. But it could also be a ploy from the league going into collective bargaining negotiations. The contentious relationship between the NFL and NFLPA have been well documented. Having a player like Kaepernick back in the league could show that the league is more “player friendly” and help the league be viewed better in the public eye which is key leverage in CBA negotiations. No matter what the reason is, we owe it to Colin to view this in the right perspective. The proper perspective would give Colin time to work and focus on his game and not create distractions that would put Kap back out of the league faster than his return to the league.

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