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Meet Chinno Cartel: Hip-Hops Most Wanted

The descendant of rap and r&b music has taught Chinno to master the art of hip-hop.

Chinno is a born legend from Harlem, New York, who has been in the presence of rap stars like Biz Markie, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, and more. Married to the game he studied, and analyze the importance of standing out from his competitors on stage and learned the craft of becoming a star. Only twenty-one years old, he competed in rap competitions, traveled throughout the U.S., and talked to hip-hops most valuable players.

Growing up he had dreams of playing in the NBA, unfortunately, that dream went downhill after his lungs collapsed in high school, and left him on bed rest a few weeks. While building his self-confidence back up, Chinno, discovered his love for writing music, as he always wrote down rhymes he began to use his words like lethal weapons. He began to fill the void of basketball he took his talents to the stage and eliminated all competition that came his way.

Chinno's mother a former backup dancer, and his current manager insisted that he include all-female dancers in his routine to keep the crowd intrigued throughout the performance. Including backup dancers, has allowed his team to receive opportunities too!

"I want my whole team to win, if I get on everyone is coming with me."

His mother became a huge inspiration during his career, but he also looks up to raps mega superstars such as 2Pac, Rick Ross, and Bone Thugs N Harmony."Its important that we honor those who came before us. We all need to become a student of Hip-Hop."

Not an average twenty-one-year old, Chinno's vision is to be able to travel the world, act, and model while also owning a recording label with his childhood friends.

As the new year is approaching Mr. Chino is expecting to drop more music and create more business ventures that will help him become a hip-hop mogul.

Check his music out down below!


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