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Legalization Is Only The Beginning: The Case For New Age Repatriations

For most Americans (with the exception of Joe Biden) it's clear that the stance on Marijuana has changed. We all know multiple states throughout the country have legalized weed, even the Nation’s Capital is weed friendly. Most of the anti-weed sentiment is based in draconian falsehoods, stereotypes, and quite frankly, ignorance. There’s no debate that weed is infinitely more safe than alcohol and tobacco, yet it is legal federally and in the case of alcohol, its big business. Now if you’re reading this and expecting your typical “legalize it” debate, you’re in the wrong place. I think that case has already been laid out, the arguments have been made, and it's up to our elected officials to make that happen. I think legalization is inevitable. In fact, I believe it will come sooner than later.

What I want to talk about is what happens AFTER legalization. Not in terms of how we legislate it because the blueprint for that has also been laid out, I want to talk about the industry and WHO benefits from it. A national study conducted in 2018 projects that legal marijuana would generate over $130 billion in federal tax revenue over the next decade. The industry would also create 1 million jobs, which would also help boost the economy by having more people working. is reporting that more than a quarter of national dispensaries generate revenues exceeding over $1 million dollars. Jobs in the weed industry vary in pay depending on the position with the top jobs paying well over $50,000 annually.

America has yet to really pay for its original sins which are slavery and racism. Recently we have seen the case for reparations draw national attention, even Presidential candidates are making their case for or against reparations. The impact of slavery and racism are still relevant TIL THIS DAY! (Deontey Wilder voice) While slavery has been “outlawed” (the 13th amendment leads me to question that, but that’s another issue for another day) Racism is alive and well. The proof of that is seen everyday in our criminal justice system. Draconian marijuana laws that people have realized were wrong in recent years, turned a generation of black men and women into prisoners while turning the new stance has turned white men and women into moguls and millionaires. What I am calling for might seem radical for some, but really it’s common sense for me. Allow me to ask you a question, why should white people earn millions of dollars in an industry that black people were locked up over? I’m calling for a percentage of the money generated by locking black people up for marijuana crimes and the money generated by the legal marijuana business, be taken and reinvested in the black community. I’m calling for a percentage of the $130 billion that would come as tax revenue be invested directly into the pockets of Black Cannabis Investment Firms.

Simply I am calling for the people that were most adversely impacted by the stigma associated with marijuana be the ones that benefit from the destigmatization and legalization. Sure cutting a check for slavery would be great, but it would only yield short term success

. What if instead of a check we were repaid with the opportunity to take part in a billion dollar industry and create real WEALTH and jobs for our people? Legal marijuana is more than just being able to smoke without getting knocked. We SHOULD DEMAND that we are participants in this industry as a form of partial repayment for the original sins of this nation.


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