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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Hottest Sneakers from 2009-2019

Through the extremely awkward era of music and fashion, the 2010 decade brought us high fast technology, social apps, and streamed music. We have a lot to be thankful for as the decade ends, but first, let us reminisce on the sneaker fashion from 2009-2019.

Featured Bonus** 2009 "Nike Air Yeezy"

The original Nike and Kayne West Collaboration, Air Yeezy, has been a staple in sneaker fashion. This was the first time an entertainer shoe was just as successful as an athletes. West not only created his own empire with the Yeezy name but he went toe to toe with Nike and walked away without a scratch.

1. 2010 "Nike Lebron 8 - South Beach"

At the start of a new decade, the most anticipated release date of 2010 was the Nike Lebron 8 - South Beach, as the shoe was only supposed to be released in Florida, its popularity grew before the initial sale. The colorful footwear took the sneaker world by storm and became an overnight success. This was the beginning of Lebron's entrepreneur career.

2. 2011 "Nike Air Mags"

Immortalized in the 1989 film 'Back to the Future II,' the Nike Mag was finally released to the public in September 2011. Though the shoe lacks the self-lacing feature, it’s an aesthetic match to its film counterpart, complete with an electric luminescent Nike logo on the strap and glowing LED arrays at the mid-sole and heel. The 2011 production run was limited to 1500 pairs and released through charity eBay auctions where proceeds went directly to Michael J. Fox’s Foundation in finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

3. 2012 - "Nike Galaxy Foamposites"

In the year 2012, Nike experienced its highest selling sneaker release to date. In February of 2012, the sneaker was released as a member of the "All-Star" pack collection. It has been ranked Nike's most anticipated release in the companies history.

4. 2013 - "Nike 1 Royal"

One of Michael Jordan "OG" releases will always be a top five favorite in anybody's countdown. The infamous black and blue colorwave has been released twice in this decade 2013, and 2017. Each with an exciting arrival and a sad departure.

5. 2014 "Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October"

Money and constant bickering caused this all red design sneaker to rarely be released. After finally calling it quits back in 2013, Yeezus left Nike for good and partnered with Adidas. Leaving fans puzzled and distraught Nike unexpectedly dropped the link to the shoes worldwide for sneakerheads in the year 2014, and that was the last of the dynamic duo.

6. 2015 "Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost"

Summer releases are always the hottest thing moving! "Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost" were first spotted in the 2014 New York Fashion Week show which drove the sneakerheads to be the first on line to cop a pair.

7. 2016 - Air Jordan 4 PRM Snakeskin

A complete fashion item that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you rock it! The original price for the snakeskin beauty retailed for $400.00 and up which seemed pretty unreasonable to most Jordan fans. Although prices were pretty high both men and women pulled up rocking their pair.

8. 2017 - Balenciaga Triple S

The "Chunky Sneaker" made its debut in 2017 and high fashion street wear did not look back ever since. The attention grabbing most talked about shoe became the trending topic of the decade, and the butt of every joke.

9. 2018 - Adidas Yeezy 500

The shoe that everyone and their mom rocked, were the Adidas Yeezy 500. Their simple color way and comfortable sole, made it very easy for this to become your everyday sneaker.

10. 2019 - AIR JORDAN 11 BRED

The revamped retro 11's is one of the most popular colorways ever to be produced on the iconic silhouette, and the sneaker’s OG styling has came back in the last year of the decade.

Which sneaker do you think took the cake for the hottest shoe of the decade???

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