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New Years Resolutions People Make But Don’t Stick To

Ever notice that before the New Year you make resolutions but don’t stick to them. According to, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year's resolutions but only about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them. By around March, we forget about our resolutions or just don’t go through with them.

Here are some resolutions that usually fall through the cracks:

Going To The Gym:

Joining a gym and actually going may be the biggest New Years resolution. You usually go for a few weeks then get side tracked with other activities. Then you end up forgetting about the gym and become lazy.

Eating Healthy:

Changing your diet is a big part of growth when it comes to body image. You may stick to eating healthy for a while until you realize the cost and how often you have to shop to keep your fridges stocked.


Building your bank account is a major key when it comes to your finances. You try to save money so that you are financially stable. But once somethings pops up, most times we take out a little money and may not replace what we took out.

Finding A New Job:

Searching jobs may be difficult when you keep getting turned down. Getting turned down usually discourages you and becomes frustrating. Then you will most likely end up staying at your current due to self confidence.

Getting More Sleep:

Sleep is a major factor in regards to our health and everyday life. You

need enough sleep to function during your daily routines. You promise yourself that you would sleep at least eight hours or more. Then one day you stay up late to finish something and your sleep schedule gets messed up.

Lets try to stick to our New Years resolutions no matter how hard they may be. Always remember that self control is key.

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