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How LinkedIn Can Help You!

Today, LinkedIn plays a major part in your professional success. Whether you are employed, not employed or seeking employment, this platform is for you. LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.

LinkedIn is like Google in terms of searching different companies and its employees. It allows recruiters to look up future employees based upon their skills and past work history. When creating your LinkedIn profile you are asked to include a number of details. For example, your education, experience, skills, endorsements and interests. Skills and endorsements can really set you apart from your competitions. Your skills can be endorsed by a colleague which is an even better reason for an employer to hire you. This just gives employers a little extra push because there is someone who has witnessed your skills.

You may receive invitations to connect with people who you do not know. This will be your chance to network and learn more about the industry you are in. Sometimes taking the leap of faith and starting a conversation can be life changing. You never know how that stranger can help you down the road. Also, connect with people who have viewed your profile. Those are usually recruiters looking to hire. A quick “Hello” can’t hurt!

Sharing your good news within the LinkedIn community can open a door for new opportunities. Someone may want to have you speak at conference or even become a fellow. Good news is always something to show off so why not do it on a professional networking platform.

There are so many benefits to having a LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget to list all of your experience and skills on your profile.

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