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How Drinking Tea Can Get You On Track To Having Your Summer Body

The benefits of tea, both consumed and when used outwardly on the skin is not exactly a new discovery.

But do you understand just how much tea can help you shed those pounds and get you closer to your summer body? NO?

Well here’s some information for you:

The most common types of tea are green tea, white tea, black tea and herbal tea. All of these teas contain caffeine but in comparison to a normal caffeine fix such as coffee based beverages, the amount is significantly less. The amount of caffeine being one of the notable health benefits.

Tea is a zero-calorie beverage that contains a level of antioxidants that amongst other health benefits, aid in weight loss.

According to WebMD tea contain catechins, a type of flavonoid that may help boost your metabolism.

In an article by NPR, Rick Hursel of Maastricht University Medical Centre in Holland, published a study on the effects of green tea and found that "… green tea is able to increase your energy expenditure, so the amount of calories you burn, and also to increase the amount of fat you are burning,".

However, tea alone may not get you to your goal weight but when combined with a balanced diet and exercise it can get you a bit closer to your summer body.

If you have already lost the weight and need help keeping it off tea is also the way to go. Tea keeps your metabolism running at a fast pace, which combats the speed a metabolism normally takes on after you’ve lost weight.

It is important to note that additives in your tea may reverse health benefits that tea consumed in its more natural state may have.

A popular additive in tea, is milk. Milk may make the beverage easier to consume, however, an article on HealthStatus states that adding milk to tea, may cancel out some health benefits such as those to your cardio vascular system (the system made up of the vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body). The biggest benefits being the anti-inflammatory effects.

In the same article on NPR, Hursel comments on a separate study he did where he found that when milk is added to green tea the benefits to the tea has on the metabolism are subdued.

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