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Rihanna's Team Shuts Down Shaggy's Comments About Collaborating on "R9"

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A few days ago Reggae legend Shaggy told the world in an interview that he turned down a feature on Rihanna’s upcoming “R9” album because she asked him to audition. Shaggy didn’t feel the need to audition so he turned down the opportunity. As a reggae legend who paved the way for artist today, I completely understood why he would turn down the opportunity.

He told the Britain’s Daily Star, “There’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record, I’ll leave that to younger guys.”

Well, Rihanna’s team clapped back after hearing what Shaggy had to say.

“After Rihanna had already gathered all the material for the album, Shaggy contacted her asking to be a part of the album. She explained to him that the album was pretty much completed and they were just working on mixing, mastering, and deciding which songs to actually use. However, she invited him to submit some materials so she could see if it fits with the flow of the album. That was by no means asking for an audition, it was more going out of her way to get him on the album.”

The representative made it very clear that the media twisted Shaggy’s words and hopes that he will tell his fans the true. According to BET the representative also said, “Rihanna loves the people of Jamaica, she loves the fans of reggae and she loves reggae music as her career has proven and nothing can or will ever change that."

Hopefully R9 will be released soon, until then I guess I will be listening to ANTI.

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