Black Founded and Owned Make-up Brands



We’re talking makeup. Not just any kind of make-up. Preceding Black History Month we are compiling a list of brands to help you buy black.


For the fella’s reading this that may not be into make-up, use this list as an idea sheet for that special lady in your life. After all Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and make up is a girl’s best friend, next to diamonds of course. 


The list includes brands that are cruelty free, mineral based and vegan.


The list below is not a ranking of the brands quality or popularity.


1. Fenty Beauty


Owned by and Founded by: Robyn Rihanna Fenty 

Established: 2017


2. The Crayon Case


Owned by and Founded by: Raynell Supa Steward

Established: 2017


3. Beauty Bakerie


Owned by and Founded by: Cashmere Nicole

Established: 2011


4. Ka’ior Cosmetics 


Owned by and Founded by: Keyshia Ka’ior

Established: 2012


5. The Lip Bar 


Owned by and Founded by: Melissa Butler 

Established: 2012 


6. Magnolia Make Up


Owned by and Founded by: Niala Howard and Tia Howard

Established: 2008


7. Iman Cosmetics


Owned by and Founded by: Iman

Established: 1994


8. Black Up Cosmetics 


Owned by and Founded by: Ivorian Bernard Fabrice Mahabo


Established: 1999


9. Laws Of Nature Cosmetics 


Owned by and Founded by: Jasmine Rose

Established: 2015


10. Lamik Beauty


Owned by and Founded by: Kim Roxie 

Established: 2004


All of the companies listed above have been a part of a wave to continue the fight for equality. 

These brands and their owners choose to participate by creating equality in the world of make-up and fashion. 


These brands were founded by men and women of color.All of the rands were black founded but some are no longer black owned. Despite the reality of current ownership, each brand has been remarkable in changing the experience for the black individual in the world of make-up.


Do you already buy black? Tell us which black-owned make-up brands you’ve tried and love. 


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