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Bell Let's Talk Day and Mental Health Awareness

While mental health awareness month is still a season away, yesterday January 29,2020 was ‘Bell Let’s Talk” day.

Started by, Bell Let’s Talk, this Canadian based company strives to bring awareness to mental health by encouraging people to not only accept the issue but to also take action towards it.

They brought their campaign to social media just as in previous years before. Every interaction throughout social media platforms including tweets with their hashtags or views on Instagram prompted the company to donate as little as five cents to Canadian Mental health initiatives.

Although this campaign started in Canada, some celebrities here in the United States have taken part in supporting this cause. One of the United States’ favorite daytime talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about the cause urging her followers to beat last year’s record of 25 thousand tweets.

According to Bell Let’s Talk website they received 154,387,425 interaction across social media sites. Making their donations to Canadian mental health initiatives a total of $7,719,371.25. The money will be spread across the organizations and foundations they have partnered with that help make mental health treatments more accessible.

More on Mental Health

The National Alliance On Mental Illnesses shared some statistics on mental illnesses based on studies done in the United States.

The above statistics are confirmation that you are never the only one suffering from a mental health illness. But should also serve as a catalyst for each person reading this article to evaluate themselves and take action in taking care of themselves and their mental health.

May is the designated month for mental health awareness. Although this is the time of year people rally for this issue, this should not be the only time of year taken to provide self-care.

Here are some ways you can start taking care of yourself today:

  1. Exercise: Which helps reduce stress

  2. Express yourself: Find an artform that helps you express yourself and practice articulating your feelings.You should work up to talking about your feelings

  3. Maintain a healthy diet: To help improve the way your body feels

  4. Reach out to your loved ones: It can be beneficial to rekindle and maintain those lifelong relationships.

  5. Take time to yourself: To decompress and recharge

  6. Seek Professional Help

Mental health illnesses should be taken seriously and is nothing to be ashamed of. Although seeking a professional opinion is the ideal course of action to be taken, there are still things you can do to take care of yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health contact a mental health facility for help. Many facilities offer online services for those who may need immediate attention.

Take care of yourself, and each other. Share any tips you may have for dealing with mental health issues.

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