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What You Should Know About Investing

Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, added approximately 13.2 billion to his fortune yesterday with the 12 percent of Amazon stock that he owns.

On Thursday January 30, 2020 around 4 p.m. the Amazon stock price increased by 12 percent, bringing the total of their stock to $2,100. This increase aided in the market value of Amazon reaching 1 trillion dollars according to their quarterly earnings report.

For some, seeing this kind of success Bezos had yesterday coming from the stock market may make you want to learn about investing or take a leap of faith and invest all the money you have in some stock.

Wanting to increase your personal and family fortune is a common goal. So, if investing in stock is something that you’re really interested in, here are some things you should know.

In order to begin investing you’ll first need to open a brokerage account with an investment firm. This is not a regular ban account. It allows you to invest your money in various forms of investments including bonds, mutual funds, and stock.

There is more to opening a brokerage account than a simple application. You have to be able to deposit a certain amount that is detailed out by your investment firm. It is important to do your research on the firm you want to open an account with as well as their minimum deposit requirement. The $1,000 dollars you saved up may not be enough.

Investopedia compiled a list of the most common mistakes investors make. A few that stuck out to us were:

  1. Not seeing the big picture

  2. Following the Herd

  3. No Trading Plan

For the entire lists click here.

Nothing in life comes free. When investing and choosing your firm or broker understand their fees. Doing so will help you better analyze what your end amount would be after you’ve taken out their fees.

Make sure to do extensive research before taking any course of action.

If you have any trading success stories or methods share them with us by commenting below!

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