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Black Twitter Reacts to Mo’Nique’s Letter to Oprah

Mo’Nique is back at it again as she took to the social networking site, Instagram, to share an open letter to none other than Oprah Winfrey.

In the letter Mo’Nique details her opinion about Oprah pulling her name off of the Russell Simmons documentary, which she was executive producing.

And the unequal level of support she was showing to the people that accuse Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons of sexual assault or abuse. Mo’Nique taking Oprah’s actions to mean that she no longer supported the accusers of Russeell Simmons.

Black Twitter had some mixed reactions. Many people tweeted in favor of Mo’Nique’s actions while others had mixed feelings about this letter being written and promoted in the beginning of Black History Month.

Instagram Users also took to the comments, some praising Monique for her ‘courage’ and some did not care too much for what she had to say.

In the interview Oprah explains her reasoning for pulling her name off of the Russell Simmons documentary that she was executive producing. Explaining that she pulled her name from the documentary because changes were not made that she felt should have been. Oprah stated that she asked producers to pull the documentary from Sundance until they were able to make the changes or else she would be taking her name off.

Oprah stated she is still learning lessons even after being in the entertainment industry for so long. Expressing that this documentary taught her to not put her name on anything that she does not have creative control of.

Oprah went on to assure viewers that her removing her name from the documentary had nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein, who has publicly and privately tried to intimidate her.

Oprah has yet to publicly respond to Mo’Nique.

But was Mo’Nique wrong for calling Oprah out? Or was the timing just less than ideal. Mo’Nique’s letter came over a week after CBS This Morning show aired with Oprah.

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