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The Kansas City Chiefs Celebrate Their Win

Many people still have super bowl fever!

The 2020 Super Bowl winners, the Kansas City Chiefs, just had their parade in their home town on Wednesday to celebrate their notorious win!

The Chiefs faced off against the San Francisco 49ers and won 31-20.

Despite the chaos that erupted with a police chase along the parade route, the parade was an overall success and another win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite who wins the game, every football fan wants a day to enjoy and relax afterwards.

The intensity of this year's super bowl stirred up more than just feelings of excitement or disappointment. The super bowl stirred up exhaustion.

The food, alcohol consumption, and cheering for their favorite team has got fans of both teams all agreeing on one thing. That Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday. A petition was started shortly after the game.

But this isn’t the first time that fans have made this plea. In fact, like the super bowl, this wave of displeasure of having to go to work and the petitions that follow are a yearly tradition.

Many people supported this notion in previous years by signing a petition. The most successful one over the years was one started by Heinz - yes, the ketchup company - that received approximately 70,000 signatures on There have been no petitions for this cause with a significant amount of signatures in 2020.

With supporters of the Monday after the super bowl being a national holiday realizing that their petitions are not getting the job done, they have considered alternate solutions. In the past, there have even been petitions to change the day of the super bowl entirely. Fans wanted to change it to Saturday, and still they’ve had no luck.

In this century it is all about politics, so fans that want this national holiday to be created need to get the attention of congress first.

The creation of this national holiday, or any for that matter may be a stretch due to the revenue the country will miss out on. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars.

But where there's a will there’s a way. And who couldn't use an extra long weekend?

If you attended the Chiefs parade feel free to share your stories with us by commenting below.

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