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Breaking Down Politics : What President Donald Trump's Acquittal Means

If you’re a fan of politics or the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the third president in history of the United States simply intrigued you, you probably caught wind of the President’s acquittal.

The final impeachment vote took place on Wednesday February 5, 2020. At the hearing voting was done on two articles and on either article 67 votes are needed to convict out of the 100 members holding a place in the Senate.

Article 1: The Abuse of Power the results were 48-52, with a not guilty verdict.

Article 2: Obstruction of Congress the results were 47-53, with a not guilty verdict.

What does this mean?

When a president is impeached, he is forced to step down from his duties effective immediately. Depending on the Congressional Court's verdict of his crimes, he may be subject to prison time or other means of punishment by law. Most notably, he will not be allowed to run for a Presidential term again even if he has served only one term; each president has a limit of two terms for which he is allowed to sit in office courtesy of the 22nd amendment.

Since Trump was acquitted he is fully within his rights to run for another term including in the swiftly approaching 2020 elections.

What you can do?

One of the simplest yet extremely important options that you as a citizen of the United States has is the option to vote.

If you’re under the impression that the outcome of the Presidential elections does not affect you, think again.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has had many ‘successes’, an important one being putting American lives in jeopardy. One of his most recent actions almost ignited a war between the United States and Iran. Beginning when Trump ordered a missile strike which killed one of Iran's top officials Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces in the beginning of January. This act was carried out without authorization from congress, which is needed to use military forces for such cause.

If you are adamant about having a say in who leads this country, a country that you are apart of. If you are adamant about having a president that takes an interest in the well being of all people, educate yourself on the candidates that will be running this election. Educate yourself on why your vote matters and register to vote.

Visit to register or find out how to register in your state.

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