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Four People On New Jersey Cruise Ship Screened For Coronavirus

Looks like the Corona Virus is one of the biggest topics in the United States at the most. More than two dozen Chinese officials are aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise shit that docked in New Jersey on Friday morning.

Each Chinese national was screened for the coronavirus before stepping foot onto New Jersey soil. According to NBC News, four were taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Royal Caribbean’s, Anthem of the Sea ship had just finished a recent cruise and was expected to leave for another venture today. The ship has delayed its departure due to the medical screenings. They were given permission to leave on schedule but are taking precautions before departing.

Governor Phil Murphy said, "New Jersey currently has no confirmed cases of novel coronavirus and the risk to residents remains low,”.

So far, there are over 31,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world with over 600 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an expedited approval of a test for the coronavirus. They sidestepped the usual regulatory channels and signed off on the test under an Emergency Use Authorization, which allows the use of medical products in life-threatening situations when no approved alternatives are available according to The Verge.

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