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Why a "Sister,Sister" Reboot Can't Happen

Photo Credit: TV Guide

We all love a good reboot. Ever since the reboot of some television faves such as Full House and That’s so Raven there has been an outcry from fans across the globe to bring back their favorite shows.

There have been rumors about rebooting classic sitcoms such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Rugrats, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Lizzie McGuire, The Jetsons, Sister, Sister and The Game. We’ve heard many rumors regarding reboots of other shows, but very few have made it to fruition. But why is that?

There is always a possibility that cast mates may have their personal reasons as to why they may not want to participate in this opportunity. But sometimes it's the legalities regarding the reboots that stops them from happening.

In an interview on the Tamron Hall Show, Tia Mowry confirmed that the “Sister, Sister” reboot will not be taking place, leaving fans in a state of disappointment.

Mowry went on to state that although they have been working towards the reboot the reason it will not take place is because of the legalities behind it. Mowry did not state what the specific legal issues were.

What are the legalities behind a reboot?

Copyright. Everything that is created and or published is owned by somebody and can not be used for profit unless there is a legal exchange of copyright ownership either on a temporary or permanent basis. The only time a legal exchange is not needed is when a person releases their work on a platform, such as creative commons. Creative commons is one of many websites that artist may use to release any of their creative works (pictures, songs, films etc.) for the public to use for free.

This is the same way things work in the television and film industry. In order to reboot, remake or create a spin off of a show there must be a legal agreement between the copyright owner and the creators of the reboot that gives exclusive rights for a limited time to bring the reboot into fruition.

Obtaining exclusive rights can be difficult for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that the original owners can be a person or a production company that may no longer exist in its original form. Another reason is that media corporations participate in so many mergers overtime, it may be difficult to understand who specifically owns the rights to what. Lastly, there may be clauses in contracts pertaining to the original series that make it difficult to produce a reboot.

Although not all reboots work out, including the reboot of “Sister,Sister” . Others such as Full House, do.

So lets us know in the comments below what show you want to see a reboot of!

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