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Single on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is on Friday and a few or maybe a lot of us are single. Though Valentine's Day seems like a holiday to celebrate couples.. well its not. Take this day to celebrate loving yourself unconditionally no matter the circumstances. We’ve all had to find a way to make sure we are good with or without a companion.

Here are some ideas for my single people on Valentine's Day.

Treat Yourself

Buy yourself something that you’ve been thinking about for a while now. It could be those sneakers you’ve had your eye or even a life-sized teddy bear.

Eat Good

Whether you are going out to eat or making it yourself, make sure you spoil yourself with a good meal. Eat something that you haven’t had in a while or something you shouldn’t be eating due to your diet.

Pamper Yourself

Make an appointment at the spa and enjoy yourself. Get a massage, sit in the jacuzzi and let go. Forget everything that may be going on in your world and just be one with the universe. This will help you relax. Maybe, they will have a glass of champagne waiting for you after your massage.

Get Lit

If you have friends and family who are also solo on Valentine's Day, meet up. Go for some karaoke, food, a movie or what ever makes you all happy. You could even meet up someones house order food and just let lose. A loud speaker and wine are great for staying in.

Think about it this way, you don’t have to spend money on anyone but yourself. This Valentine's Day make yourself happy and do things for you. On February 14, you can catch me at the movies watching ‘The Photograph’ with a large popcorn.

Make your plans now!

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