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Authorities to Re-Open The Assassination Case of Malcom X

It’s not just a month, it’s a lifestyle. The recognition and celebration of black individuals in America. This is demonstrated time and time again through documentaries and various works of art that have been dedicated to the current history makers and the fallen ones.

Recently the Netflix documentary Who Killed Malcom? has done more than gain audience support. It has created doubt in the results of the original murder investigation and authorities may re-open the case.

The original investigation concluded that three men who were members of the Nation of Islam were responsible for the gunning down of Malcom X at the Manhattan’s own Audubon Ballroom. However there has always been doubt about the involvement of two of the men.

The new investigation into Malcom X’s assassination is rumored to be conducted by the same team that exonerated the Central Park 5.

Although many people feel that this new investigation may do some justice. Some ask the question that after almost 55 years will the truth be discovered?

After news broke about the reopening of the investigation into Malcom X’s assassination, Twitter users took to the comments to express their feelings. Many were excited for the news, but many more displeased that it took a documentary that highlighted the doubt for this case to be looked at closer.

Do you believe this investigation will result in a new conviction, or is this just a goose chase for murderers that may no longer be around after 55 years?

And like the wrongly accused Central Park Five, if exonerated, will the men convicted of the assassination or their families be financially compensated for time and reputation they will never get back?

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