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Twitter Reacts to 'One has To Go' ATL Fast Food Debate

Atlanta radio host Mark Arum stated a debate which ended up trending on Twitter. He asked Atlanta residents which of four fast food chains would they get rid of? The four options were Chick-Fil-A, Waffle House, American Deli, and The Varsity.

Many Twitter users that commented felt as if the answer was a no brainer, and they chose The Varsity. Some even voted that American Deli can also be a fast food chain that hits the road. Leaving Waffle House and Chick-Fil-A as the survivors of the brutally honest “One has to go” game.

The Varsity even joined the conversation by retweeting one Twitter user who claimed one of the Varsity’s popular products' the ‘Varsity Frosted Orange’ was a determining factor in keeping The Varsity in the competition. Many other users took to the comments to agree that the beverage was a good one, but did not necessarily cause the brand to beat out its other three competitors.

The Varsity was clearly defeated in this Twitter debate started by Arum. But now it’s time to ask a clear question for the citizens of New York. One has to go. Chick- Fil - A, McDonalds, Sbarro or Wendys, who are you choosing?!

Didn’t get a chance to join the Twitter Debate? If you’re from Atlanta or have visited, let us know which one food chain you think should go!

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