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Want To Win A Free Prom? Enter The #PromChallenge

When We All Vote and MTV are back at it again! Taking initiative to encourage America’s youth to register to vote. Like usual, they came with an incentive!

On Tuesday our former first lady, Michelle Obama tweeted out a throwback picture of her at her prom and promoted the challenge in a tweet. Informing her followers of her partnership with When We All Vote and MTV, as well as her support of it.

To enter the challenge you have to do more than just include a hashtag or make a post.

According to the steps to enter the challenge include:

  1. Download the authorization form on the website and have it filled out by a representative of your school (ex. School employee)

  2. Fill out the applicant Entry Form on their website

  3. Begin your voter registration plan

Unlike most millennial challenges started on social media, this challenge actually comes with a prize. By entering the challenge you are not only getting students to register to vote but you are giving your school a chance to win $5,000. There are 20 slots to be filled!

If you’re thinking about entering you better hurry because the competition ends March 13, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Before you enter make sure you check out all the rules.

Despite the challenges intended purposes leave it to social media to turn it around. Many Twitter users, even those who are past the prom age decided to make this challenge a throwback challenge!

Many celebrities used this challenge to show off their prom looks, and we’re here for it!

Whether its to show off your prom look or to promote a good cause, join the #PromChallenge!

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