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Who Said Grades Determine Your Future

Ladies and Gentlemen the verdict is in! Twitter users decided to take to the social site to tell the world how grades in school did NOT determine their future.

The conversation about whether or not grades make or break your future was sparked by a tweet by Rae Paoletta. Paoletta is a multifaceted individual with one of her accomplishments being in the field of journalism. This goes to show that she has a knack for getting people to talk and with yesterday’s (Feb.20) tweet was no different.

In her Twitter thread, Paoletta asked her followers to name a class they received a bad grade in and that they believed would ruin their lives. She also shared her answer to that question which was her statistics class at New York University.

Paoletta was not the only celebrity to join in the conversation. Co-writer of Creed (the 2015 spin-off of the Rocky series), Cov Franchise, joined the conversation to inform the Twitter-verse that he got a bad grade in a film studies class during his undergraduate years.

Franchise was just one of many who shared stories of how they failed in the very field that they currently succeed in. People from all different professions chimed in on the conversation. From proud holders of a driver license that once failed their driving test to math professors that flunked math class, to some of your favorite voice over actors that failed speech class!

What should you learn from this?

Whether you are working on a degree or just trying to make it out of grade school (k - 12) you should take away one very important lesson from this conversation. That lesson is:


It is an important attribute to try your best at whatever you do! But failure is an important part of life. And receiving a bad grade is not the end of your life. If even you failed in the subject you want to pursue a career in!

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