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Still Scared to Check Yourself into Therapy?

Your mental health is more important than you know. The days where you would go through a tough time and not have anyone to speak to are long gone. As a person of African-American descent there has been a stigma around therapy and counseling for years. Some days it’s because it’s a sign of weakness and needing someone else to help solve your issues. Therapy has never been a big conversation within the African American community. Most times, it would be pushed away along with your mental health.

Today, we see so many tragic things happen in this world due to mental health illnesses. This can be prevented by seeing a therapist and talking through your battles. Therapy can teach you how to cope with what you are dealing with. Whether it's after one session or many, your therapist will always hear you out and help you find ways to move forward.

According to Business Insider, “Millennials are changing the way people look at mental health by being more open about their issues and destigmatizing therapy.”

Millennials are deemed to suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and so much more. These can all lead to a mental illnesses in which a therapist can help prevent. Destigmatizing therapy is encouring others to understand that it is okay to talk to someone and seek help.

Here are a few ways that going to therapy can change your life:

  • Learn about yourself and what changes you need in order to make better decisions.

  • Learn how to approach situation in a positive way even if it doesn’t deserve your energy

  • Helps you learn how to deal with open wounds such as grief, breakups, family issues, etc

  • Encourage you to take action in regards to goals or business ventures. Take this time to share your ideas.

Your therapist is the person you laugh, cry and have real life conversations with. Even if you have approached a road block, talking about this can open your eye to a different perspective of the entire situation.

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated in May. Let’s continue to find ways to help others in need EVERYDAY.

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