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10-year-old Shot By Babysitter In Houston, Texas

Photo by Melvin Thambi on Unsplash

We all know or should be familiar with senseless gun violence. But what about the accidental kind?

In this day and age we’ve seen it all, shootings being recorded, accidental suicides while streaming a live video on social media, and just recently another tragic case has been added to the long list of unfortunate incidents and fatalities by ‘accidental’ gun incidents.

Earlier this week a babysitter was charged with the shooting of a 10-year-old boy while recording a video of herself with the same gun. The incident took place in Houston, Texas.

It has been reported that the boy is in recovery. The babysitter, 19-year-old Caitlyn Smith, has been charged with injury to a child and serious bodily injury.

The firearm was supposedly unsecured in the home of the child Smith was babysitting which is how she was able to retrieve it. The name of the 10-year-old boy has not been released.

The Gun Violence Archives have recorded 328 unintentional shootings since the start of the year. A fact that supports Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales’ statement he made to CNN stating that he sees similar situations involving firearms often.

So far there have been no further developments in the case.

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