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H.E.R. Launches Eyewear Collection With DIFF

H.E.R., the woman behind the dope shades is now collaborating with DIFF on an eyewear collection.

H.E.R. x Diff Eyewear collection will feature four different sunglass style, a special edition case and cleaning cloth.

H.E.R. told Daily Mail,

'My staple is definitely glasses,' says the singer that describes her style as tom-boy chic. 'I’m also a boot or sneaker kind of girl, and I need some comfy cool pants.'

The only way we picture H.E.R. is will her stylish glasses. This opportunity comes after the singer recently collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton. TOMMYXLEWISXH.E.R. consist of unisex appareled accessories according the Tommy Hilfiger website.

“When I wear my sunglasses, I feel mysterious. But at the same time, you can still get to know me. Some people when they have shades on, they feel closed off to the world. But I think these glasses do the opposite. They’re a lot more bold and a lot more lively and help someone like me actually be less of an introvert.” H.E.R. told Billboard in an interview.

The collection officially launched on February 28! Buy Here

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