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Lil Baby Doesn't Entertain Beef, Especially With DaBaby

When you hear the word “Baby” in the hip hop industry, you automatically think of Lil Baby and Da Baby.

Nowadays artist beef is a big thing in the industry. You see artist beefing on social media, in public and even in songs. Lil Baby recently told Joe Budden in an interview on ‘Pull up’ that people wanted him to create beef with DaBaby.

"Lil Baby reveals that he wasn't interested in beef because, "He don't sound like me. He don't kick my swag. His name just 'DaBaby.'"

The two actually met way before they became some of the hottest artist in the industry. Lil Baby tells Joe that he avoids any problems with DaBaby. He even mentioned how people always find a way to say things like, 'He tried to say this' and I'll be like: 'No.' Every time. I made sure it wasn't going to be nothing." Lil Baby made it very clear that he doesn’t like beefing with people. The two even have collaborated together in the past before DaBaby blew up.

Check out the interview here:

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