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No More Plastic Bags in The Big Apple

You’ve heard of BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle). Well now it's time to introduce the new meaning for the acronym set forth by New York lawmakers - Bring Your Own Bag.

It seems as if New York is trying to do their part in going green with their latest plastic bag ban.

Other countries, including our neighbors across the northern border, Canada, enforced the ban years ago.

The ban went into full effect on March 1,2020. To remind people of the new trend and legislation NYC’s mayor's office tweeted this:

Now this ban does not mean that New Yorkers will never see another plastic bag again. The ban restricts the use of most thin single-use plastic bags. Counties have the option of charging 5 cents for each multi-use plastic and paper bags that retailers use.

Doesn’t that charge make you want to re-think asking for your items to be double bagged?

The only businesses that are exempt from the ban are restaurants and other facilities that use plastic bags for the preparation of meat and other foods.

Facilities that are not exempt and are caught using plastic bags will face a $250 dollar fine for the first violation and a $500 dollar fine if another violation takes place within the same year.

Many New Yorkers have taken to social media to express their discontent with the new legislation.

But others have taken the time to point out this new legislation although seemingly solving one problem can also create another one.

Although the city purchased millions of dollars worth of reusable bags, the single-use paper bags that stores will be handing out adds to the deforestation issue that this planet and country are facing.

No legislation is perfect, but being eco-friendly is an important step in helping to cleanup the planet from the waste that has been accumulating. If you are not a fan of the plastic bag ban, share what you believe would be a better eco-friendly alternative.

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