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The Women of The Bachelor Franchise Talk Cyber Bullying

For anyone that is not aware March 1 marked the start of Women's History Month. In honor of this celebratory month we want to recognize the issue that the women of the bachelor franchise recently voiced they have to constantly face.

Former “Bachelorette”, Rachel Lindsay led the conversation of online harassment that touched on the topic of racism, sexism, and hate. Some of the topics fitting her experience as the franchises, first and only black female.

The conversation changed the mood of the ‘Women Tell All’ reunion. Lindsay stated her reasoning for taking on the role as the Bachelorette’s first black women, it was so that other women who looked like her can finally be represented.

Following the audiences applause Lindsay dove into the the hate comments that she and the other women of the franchise have received. Those threats included name calling, threats of bodily harm, messages urging the women to kill themselves and more.

Lindsay did more than just tell the audience, she showed them. The messages were cued up as she read so the audience was able to ‘see’ what it is the women go through.

The conversation ended with other women of the current season sharing their stories about harassment and hate. One contestant expressing click bait emails turning out to be paragraphs as to why she should take her own life.

The conversation ended on the show but how do we continue it afterwards?

The harassment and hate the women described have more to do with learning how to be kind and respectful to one another as humans, then it does just learning to respect women.

However important the conversation of last night's ‘ Women Tell All’ discussion appeared to be there are some people who believe that the discussion was a plot for the show to talk about racism without making ‘racism’ the main issue. Do you agree?

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