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50 Cent Will Release Pop Smoke's Posthumous Album In May

It was only two weeks ago when New York was hit with a dark cloud after Pop Smoke was murdered in Los Angeles. After the Brooklyn rapper was murdered a number of people posted tributes and some of his music that was in the works. Rapper, 50 Cent was so in tune with Pop Smoke that he decided to executive produce the late rappers posthumous album which is coming soon. If you didn’t know, 50 Cent has been a role model for Pop Smoke and he has said it on multiple occasions. The two have this gritty New York sound that you can’t find anywhere else.

50 Cent took to Instagram calling out some of the music industries top artist asking them to be apart of the project. Some names include Roddy Rich who is on-board, Chris Brown, Post Malone and Drake who has yet to reply. Legendary rappers like Snoop Dogg were in the comments section willing to be apart of the project also.

On Instagram 50 Cent wrote,

“I’m looking at everything through a different lens, everybody i call ain’t coming but i’m doing what i have to do to make it hot. i don’t like a lot of you weak ass n*ggas but i likes pop smoke.”

Pop Smokes posthumous album is set to drop May 2020. Lets see what 50 Cent has in store!

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