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Nathaniel Woods Executed After Co-Defendant Claims Woods Was Innocent

Each year in the U.S. numerous African Americans lose their lives violently and unjustly. Some of these unjust deaths are the result of ‘black on black’ violence. Some of these unjust deaths are the result of police brutality. Some of these unjust deaths are the result of criminal sentences carried out with wrongful convictions.

You may have seen the trending hashtag #RIPNATEWOODS on Twitter. But do you know the story of Nathaniel Woods?

Nathaniel Wood is one of two men that was convicted and put on death row in the state of Alabama for the murder of three police officers in 2004. Both Woods and Kerry Spencer, the second man convicted for the murders, were sentenced in 2005 and Woods execution was set to take place first, and it did. On Thursday March 5, 2020 at 9:01 p.m. Woods was pronounced dead by lethal injection.

According to CNN Alabama Department of Corrections proceeded with the Woods execution as agreed after:

  1. Spencer confessed that he was the only one responsible for the murders of the three police officers with an SKS rifle

  2. Spencer stated in several interviews and letters that Woods ran after he heard the gunfire in the crack house both he and Spencers were staying in at the time of the raid

  3. Woods’ attorneys petitioned the Supreme Court to block the execution

  4. The Supreme Court turned down Woods’ appeal last year

Activists feel that the information above along with other facts that have appeared since Woods’ conviction should have been enough to at least keep him off of death row and maybe even exonerate him. Unfortunately neither of those things happened and those same activists are letting their opinions on what they call an unjust execution be known.

Activist supporters took to Twitter to express their discontent.

But people who believe that Woods’ execution was well deserved also joined the conversation including Attorney General Steve Marshall who posted his statement to Twitter. Which begins with:

“Tonight, justice has been served. Nathaniel Woods, one of two cop-killers in ‘the bloodiest day in Birmingham Police Department history,’ has met his just fate.

Let us know your opinion on the execution of 44-year-old Nathaniel Woods.

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