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BBC Announces New Documentary About Nipsey Hussle's Tragic Death

We are approaching the one year anniversary of Nipsey Hussle's death. BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, has announced an upcoming document called, The Mysterious Murder of Nipsey Hussle. The film will investigate his life and tragic death.

BBC journalist, Ben Zand will play a big part in this film as he speaks with Nipsey’s friends and family, while also exploring conspiracy theories around the tragedy.

The day Nipsey Hussle was murdered, the entire world was in shock. Nipsey was changing the world and making it a better place for everyone. He was at the peak of his career with his clothing company, a new album, grammy nominated album and of course being a philanthropist throughout his community. Everyone loved Nipsey from Los Angeles all the way to Eritrea.

As we think about March 31, 2019, we wonder why would someone do this? According to BBC, Ben will speak with original gangsters from another Crip gang who suggest that an act of disrespect played a part in the rapper’s murder.

Hopefully Ben Zand, will give us the answers we want to know. The documentary will appear on the BBC iPlayer on Thursday, March 26th.

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