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The BeyHive Had a Netflix Watch Party

Social distancing does not mean anti-social!

Since many states across the nation have advised their citizens to shelter in place, social media timelines have been filled with TikToks, memes, and conversations. All showing how people across the nation and the world are keeping themselves entertained during these trying times.

Yesterday, Beyonce fans took to Netflix in an effort to unite during this pandemic. This

year’s Coachella is postponed so the BeyHive decided to relive the iconic Beychella.

The idea seems to have originated with Twitter user @JasmynBeKnowing on March 16, 2020. With a retweet from Queen Bey herself, and support from Netflix, The Homecoming watch party was planned and executed.

Netflix has not released the number of views Homecoming received at the time of the watch party. However, based on the amount of retweets from Netflix during that time, it’s safe to say that the BeyHive showed up and showed love.

Because of Beyonce's infamous retweet (Beyonce has never retweeted anyone since making her Twitter account in 2012) many people speculated that she would be joining the watch party herself. Unfortunately, this rumor has not been confirmed.

Did you join the watch party?

Share what you’ve been doing to keep yourself entertained during this period where the government recommends social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

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