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Tamar Braxton Comes Back To Music

Attention all Tamartians! Your leader is back at it with new music.

Tamar Braxton announced the release of her new song ‘Crazy Kind Of Love’ yesterday. Her initial Instagram post regarding the release challenged her followers to get over 4.5 thousand comments on that post and she would release her new song.

Needless to say Tamartians accepted the challenge and ‘Crazy Kind Of Love’ was released at midnight on 03/20/2020. Approaching ten thousand views within its first 12 hours of release, there is no doubt that Tamar Braxton fans were excited to receive new music.

The release of ‘Crazy Kind Of Love’ came as a shock to many of her fans because in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tamar announced that her 2017 album ‘Bluebird Of Happiness” was going to be her last album. Her reasoning at the time was that she wanted to eliminate strains on her marriage with Vincent Herbert and focus on her family. Since then Tamar Braxton has divorced Vincent Herbert and has been in one semi-public relationship.

But fans are wondering if the release of ‘Crazy Kind Of Love’, which is a part of the soundtrack of ‘True To The Game 2: Gena’s Story’, is the first step to Tamar’s return to music?

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