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Spring Breakers Exposed to Coronavirus in Miami-Dade County

While everyone else was in their home quarantined, some brave souls decided to still celebrate their spring break in Miami, Florida. If you’ve been to Miami before then you know that staying six to ten feet away from someone is impossible. Miami is about mixing and mingling, especially during Spring Break.

In a recent video, Miami-Dade Mayor, Carlos Gimenez signs order closing all hotels due to the coronavirus. According to the Miami Herald, there are 177 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Florida, the state announced Sunday evening, bringing the total to 1,007. Broward County has 217 and Miami-Dade County has a total of 227, this is 23% of Floridas’s total confirmed cases. Broward County also has the highest number of confirmed positive cases in the state. This means that a huge number of spring breakers have been exposed to the virus and may potentially have the virus also.

Not only are hotels closed, boat ramps and marinas located in Miami-Dade County are too. This comes after a video circulated with overcrowded boat docks and a number of people standing around in close proximity to each other.

If you attended Spring Break in Miami please get tested for COVID-19 and remove to WASH YOUR HANDS.

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