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Corporations Are Hiring Thousands During COVID-19 Pandemic

As a result of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 many people are now jobless, either temporarily or indefinitely.

Many residents fear the breaks from their rent or a supposed stimulus of $1000 from the government will only give them a temporary cushion of financial flexibility, but not enough to get them through the shutdown that experts and medical professionals estimate to last a minimum of 12 weeks.

Many small businesses owners fear that they may have to close their businesses permanently as a result of being forced to shut down for a fluctuating period of time in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Corporations such as Amazon, Pepsi, Walmart, Dominos and CVS have announced that they are hiring thousands of employees to better serve the community as they work to fulfill orders, keep their shelves stocked and feed families.

Many other larger corporations seem to be following this trend, some such as Amazon increasing employee’s minimum pay as an incentive for their current and future employees.

For those looking for a way to ease the financial pressure, this may be your solution. But it comes with an increased risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

Are you still working during this pandemic? What are your thoughts about being on the frontlines for your employer? Comment below.

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