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Mardyny On His New Song 'Lambo Doors' and His Journey

As a child in a military family DMV rapper, Mardyny, traveled and lived all around the world. Mardyny found his love for music when looking for ways to stay entertained which included finding an escape in learning new instruments, writing poems and free styling. As the youngest of his family, Mardyny took a different route than what was expected of him. His first taste of success in the music industry was with a music group called ‘One Side’ that formed in 2015. After breaking away to pursue his career as a hip-hop solo artist, over two years ago, Mardyny has made some strides, learned some lessons. We caught up with him to get the full story-check it out:

How did you choose what your original sound would be, as an artist and how did you change it up for your new song ‘Lambo Doors’?

I went through a rebrand almost a year ago. I think a lot of people who are listening to me haven’t heard my older stuff. I didn’t just want to make radio music, stuff for the club, stuff that’s just here today and gone tomorrow. I’m hoping after working with my manager, Nia, and new producers to have a lot more well-rounded music. When I did the rebrand, I wanted everything I made to have substance and to have meaning. So, ‘Lambo Doors’ isn’t anything new to me but new to people just discovering me as an artist. The concept of ‘Lambo Doors’ is that money doesn’t buy happiness. The Lamborghini is a metaphor for your dreams. The dream of owning a Lamborghini, which could have been your prize possession, and when you finally get that dream you start to realize that you don’t feel the same way about it about a month later.

What was the defining moment that made you decide to take music seriously?

There were two moments. The first involved SoundCloud. The group that I was a part of, ‘One Side’, put out three songs. One of the songs reached 50,000 streams in a month. I thought that was crazy because we weren’t putting a lot of effort into it and it was working out. The second defining moment happened because of that. I ended up moving to northern Virginia after I graduated, and I decided to get a full-time job and work on music at the same time. I quickly learned from that experience that I was not going to be able to sustain pursuing music and working a full-time job. May 2018 is when I decided that I was going to come up with a year plan and move out to Los Angeles.

How has your journey as a solo artist been for you this far?

Pretty challenging. I would say the most difficult part for most artists coming up with no connections to the music industry is not having a handbook on making the music, putting it out, marketing and getting your songs out and on one of the new apps that come out every six months, like TikTok and Triller, that people are using as marketing tools. The music industry and the marketing tools around it is constantly changing. Another challenging thing for me was figuring out how to record myself and to mix and master my own music when I got low on money. In totality moving to Los Angeles and growing your connections and I’m sure I’ll come across a lot more roadblocks.

What is the feeling you want people to take away when they listen to your music?

Self-confidence, I pride myself on being a man of the people. I want my music to exude confidence. I have music that talks about lessons and some feel good music. Overall it's motivational and spiritual.

Who are your musical Idols?

J Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye and Eminem.

Who’s your favorite female artist?

Of all time, Nicki Minaj.

What upcoming artist would you collaborate with?

IDK, Don Toliver, Tobi, and Shorty, Shorty.

Being that you are a military child, how did your family react to music being your career path?

I come from a family of four, everybody has taken the college and the straight and narrow path. Then I broke away. My dad who is Lebanese, his only way out was college getting a regular job and having stability, so I don’t think it sat well with him. On the other side, my mom is a dreamer. She says you can do this if you believe in it and show us that this is what you want to do.

What advice would you give to someone when it comes to their family and following their dreams?

Have your ducks in a row as far as you planned everything out. If you saved up your money and you’re not really asking your family for the support I feel like they’ll come around. It shows that you’re willing to go to depths with it because this is something you love and you’re not going to give up on it. When you show that it gives them security.

For your future as an artist do you plan to remain an independent artist or sign with a label?

I wouldn’t mind going to a label now or maybe in a year and getting the brand more exposure. If you have the right contract, the right lawyer, the right team you don’t have to lock yourself in something forever. It’s just about having the right pieces around you and knowing what you want to do and what’s your end goal with everything.

What’s your ideal relationship?

I’m currently in a relationship but if I wasn’t, I would want someone that would allow me to have the time that I need to create music, be at events and in meetings without being questioned. Somebody that knows how to cook, I know how to cook as well. Somebody that’s athletic, into sports and obviously music but I would prefer not to date a musician; I would prefer someone whose athletic and financially stable.

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Look out for Mardyny’s new music video for ‘Lambo Doors’ and new music dropping this summer. To keep up on all things Mardyny visit his website and check out his Instagram.

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