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R. Kelly Practices Social Distancing In Jail After News Broke Of Harvey Weinstein Testing Positive f

Social distancing is the main method that people are using to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. A method that health professionals and prison reform advocates have emphasized as being particularly difficult to accomplish in prison, especially an overcrowded one – as many prisons are.

Although this practice is difficult it is not impossible and R.Kelly is attempting to do his part. Currently a prisoner in Chicago’s federal jail awaiting trial for racketeering and sexual abuse charges; Kelly began practicing social distancing after news broke of Harvey Weinstein testing positive for COVID-19 while in prison over the weekend according to his attorney, Steve Greenberg.

Greenberg remains uncertain as to whether the jail has provided more access to community items such as soap. Greenberg also stated that Kelly has not asked to be put in isolation, but he practices social distancing by remaining in his cell and staying away from the other 640 prisoners, including his cellmate, as much as possible .

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